Friday, July 8, 2016


I have been planning my big summer trip for quite a long time, and I was a bit nervous I would forget to prepare or pack something important, but at some point, you just have to say "Go For It", and ... well, go for it! So as soon as my landscaping project and security system were completed at the house, Hanna and I decided to get on the road.

It sure  is easier getting out of my yard with my newly excavated driveway
We left home at 10:00 Thursday morning and drove up I-17 to Flagstaff. We pulled into the rear of a Target center and parked for lunch and a potty break. I needed to find a post office to drop off a bill, and Google maps told me there was one just a short distance away close to the university. I drove over and found it was closed, demolished actually, and a new building was under construction. I found another P.O. on the map, and threaded my way through the teeny tiny university area streets until I found the mailbox I was looking for. I decided if I could maneuver my Minnie through that tight maze, I could drive her anywhere!

I drove on out to where Dale was camped about 5 miles west of town, and backed into a little cove of trees. We just fit! A short hike, weinie roast and relaxing evening rounded out our first day on the road.


  1. Looks like a pleasant place to loaf and doze!

  2. So are you heading to Idaho next?