Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lowell Observatory

 Dale and I rode his motorcycle into Flagstaff and up Mars Hill to the Lowell Observatory yesterday morning. We sat through a really interesting film in the Visitor's Center about the Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT), which at 4.3 meters is one of the largest telescopes in the US. It is installed near Happy Jack, AZ.
We also took a walking tour of the observatory grounds and learned the history of Percival Lowell and his family.

Today, we met a couple of fellow campers on our walk up the forest roads, and they stopped by our campsite later in the day. We had a very nice visit.

Tomorrow, we are headed north to Jacob Lake, where we will camp as near the entrance to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon as we can. We may have no cell signal up there, so could be out of touch for a couple of days.


  1. That's an interesting place. They did not have the film on the DCT when we were there. I would like to see it since I see the telescope building a couple times a week as I drive by. Maybe we will have to make another trip up there.

  2. Campfire! You won't be able to do that up near the North Rim, will you?

    1. No, no fires in the Kaibab right now.