Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grand Canyon, North Rim

We pulled out of our camp spot in the Coconino Forest on Sunday at 9:00 a.m., and after a stop in Flagstaff for gas and supplies, we hit the road toward Jacob Lake and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We fought the most horrendous wind all the way north, so much so we wished we had not left our Flagstaff camp. We stopped at Marble Canyon to see the view, but it was about 100° out with a hot wind, so we just got back in our rigs and drove on.

We found a nice big campsite on FR 22 (5 miles from the entrance to GCNP) and saved a spot for our friends we had met the day before near Flag.

On Monday, we rode the motorcycle down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We passed a herd of buffalo just inside the park entrance. We found out buffalo hunting season starts Friday, but a lot of buffalo seem to have become habituated and stay inside the park boundary taunting the hunters who cannot shoot them there.

It's impossible to capture the grandeur and beauty of the canyon in pictures. You really must go and experience it in person. But here's proof we were there.

We were enjoying our campsite and new friends so much, we decided to stay one more day before pushing north to Bryce. We stayed close to camp, and saw several deer that day.

On Tuesday morning, we'll drive to Bryce Canyon National Park and try to find a boondock in the forest outside the park boundary. Fingers crossed we have cell signal!


  1. Fun times. When B and I went in 2010 I took some panorama shots. Here's one.


  2. Oh I should mention we went to the South Rim which isn't quite as pretty but till very nice.

  3. Man we sure to miss you at work, are you sure you don't want to come back? :-)

  4. I think about you all every day, Joel! And I have beautiful beachside property in Iowa for sale!

  5. Your trip sounds like so much fun. You're a brave woman. Looking forward to seeing you in one month