Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grand Tetons and (not) Yellowstone

I left Sunrise Campground early on Friday morning heading toward Jackson, Wyoming and a meet up with Robin, Ken and the kids. I got gas and groceries on the way as well as stopping at a free dump (found with my AllStays app) at the National Oregon and California Trail Center in Montpelier, WY.

Robin texted me that they would get into Wilson (where they had booked an AirBnB condo) about 5:00. I was well ahead of them, and found a parking lot for the Teton Village Shuttle to hang out and walk Hanna. An earlier email exchange with the condo owners had sought and received permission for me to park my Minnie at their place. When we arrived, we found it would be pushing the HOA rules for me to "camp" there. For the next three days, I tried to be very discrete about my activities and the fact that I was sleeping overnight in Minnie. Sure enough, on the fourth (and final) day, there was a notice on my windshield "reminding" me of the rules of no RV long term parking or camping. So, I moved it back to the Teton Village daytime parking lot for the last day, then "stealth camped" that night in another condo parking lot. I pulled in about 11:00 p.m. and out at 5:30 a.m. and I don't think anyone knew I was there.

On Saturday, we drove into Jackson Hole for a day at the Visitors Center and shopping. Late that afternoon, we drove up into Grand Teton National Park to scout out photo locations for Ken and Megan to capture some spectacular shots early the next morning. (See below) When I say early, I mean sunrise photos. Our plan was to take photos for an hour or two, then have breakfast at Teton Lodge, and drive on to Yellowstone. Unfortunately, Steven got sick in the car, and without extra clothes or proper cleaning supplies, plus a smelly car and a sick kid on hand, we decided to head back to the condo around 7:00.  He perked up in the afternoon, and the family all went to Teton Village to ride the gondola and tram up and down the mountain. With my acrophobia, I decided to skip that activity and Hanna and I explored the local area and did some shopping instead.

We went to bed with plans to try again for Yellowstone in the morning. Alas, Steven started vomiting again in the night, so we decided not to make the journey. A great disappointment not to make it up there, but it just means I'll have a good excuse to come back another time to visit the park.

We spent some time at the National Wildlife Art Museum that afternoon. That was a surprisingly enjoyable visit for someone who is not much of an art enthusiast. I really loved it. That evening, we went to the Playhouse Theater in Jackson Hole to see the live production of "The Ballad of Cat Ballou". A great evening to wrap up our four days in the Jackson and Teton area.

Here are some of the stunning photos Ken took. (Posted with his permission.)


  1. So you never got to give the kids a ride in your Minnie. Too bad Steven was not feeling well. Does he get car sick?

  2. Next blog post. Steven rode with me from Jackson to Boise.

  3. It's been quite a while since your last post. That's what everybody starts telling me when I don't update.