Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Four Nights at Sunrise

On Monday, I drove from Logan, UT toward Bear Lake on Rd 89, passing a few forest campgrounds on the way. As I neared Sunrise Campground, I suddenly had full bars of LTE cell service. I decided a drive through the campground couldn't hurt anything. There were a few open spaces, but I drove a half mile on up the road to the scenic overview before making a decision.

After catching up on text messages and blog posts, I went back to the campground and found a shady space. Depending on how my phone was positioned, I had 2-3 bars. Good enough! I paid for 2 nights and settled in.

It took me about 45 minutes to get Minnie [sort of] level.  The space sloped downhill and also had a pothole where the rear tire wanted to sit. Additionally, I had to watch for trees in the way of my slide, and a curb where my steps need to sit.

On Tuesday, I made up my mind to stay here until Friday morning. I have everything I need; food, water, propane, 1/4 tank of gas, cell signal, and a quiet campground! It's only 150 miles to Jackson where I'm meeting K&R that afternoon. I spent another 30 minutes trying to get Minnie more level that morning. She was still a bit off kilter when I gave up.

This morning after paying for my two final days, I gave it one more college try, and hallelujah! success!

Hanna and I have worked hard, getting our 10,000 steps a day on by walking the camp loops three times a day. I cleaned the inside of Minnie front to back. The dusty roads had collected on every surface, and I dumped gray wash water when I was done. Now, if only I had R's pressure washer, I could go at the outside. But that will have to wait for Boise, as well as a Rug Doctor for my small patch of carpet. It used to be green, but now is gray.

I'm not sure I will ever get Hanna clean and white again. Walking the asphalt campground roads make her feet black. At our space, she likes to snoop through the woods and lie in the dirt. She's one grimy little dog. I will try to bathe her in a small plastic tub tomorrow night, before our meet-up with the family. But it may be a futile effort.


  1. As you now know, having 1/4 tank of gas is not enough if you want to run your generator. I think you may need my pressure washer for Hanna, not the RV.

  2. You need a Rinse Kit! If you haven't seen it before look on Amazon. Would work well for "pressure washing" Hanna!

  3. Looks neat, Cindy, but at $90, it'll have to wait. I do have a hand held outside shower, plus the hand held shower spigot inside. That worked pretty well, but it was tight quarters, as it's a small shower stall right beside the toilet. Oh well, she's cleaner!

  4. Looks like the leveling blocks have come in handy.