Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lake Mary Road

I left Blue Ridge around 9:00 and took Lake Mary Road northwest all the way to Flagstaff. I stopped at a Walmart to try to find a Straight Talk Verizon hotspot. I finally found one at the second Walmart. 

I checked two free dumps at Giant stations, but neither had potable water. I really wish they wouldn't put the water faucet so close to the sewer hose.  I ended up going to an RV park and paying for fresh water. 

I traveled north on Hwy 89 to the Sunset Crater turn off, but I turned left toward the forest. I knew there was dispersed camping available not far from the highway, and I found a loop site for Minnie and the Fit. 

When I went to take my key out of the Fit, I discovered a very dead battery. Even the locks wouldn't work. I spent several hours texting with my brothers, and decided to jump the car with my motor home in the morning, rehitch, and drive north to Page for a new battery, since I don't really know how old the one in there is. In addition, we researched how to pull the radio fuse (which is recommended during towing) and I will do that from now on. I really hope this fixes the problem. 

It's now Sunday morning, and I'm typing this as I sit at Walmart waiting for them to install the new battery. My plan for this afternoon is to try to make it to Bryce Canyon. There is dispersed camping in the surrounding area and I stayed there last year twice. I just hope the new battery solves the issues. Wish me luck!

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