Saturday, June 24, 2017

Exploring the Coconino Forest

I was just getting ready to go over to the ranger station to spend the day with Dianna when Richard stopped by in his Forest Service truck. Since that was full of tools, I asked him to make a couple of improvements on my Minnie for me. He installed a handle on the back storage bin and a pull knob on my screen door. The day before, he and I re-taped the back corner where my electrical bin door had been ripped off the year before. (I think I'll get that repaired this fall.)
With that taken care of, I headed to Dianna's with Hanna, and we three took off to see Blue Ridge Reservoir, Baker Butte fire tower and Potato Lake. 

Blue Ridge Reservoir was huge -- much larger than I was expecting. We parked and walked the boat launch ramp and let Hanna put her feet in the water. 

Baker Butte fire tower is 30 feet high, and despite my acrophobia, I was able to climb to the top, unlike last year's 70 foot Moqui tower. It's quite a view from up there. 

Potato Lake was a murky pond (especially compared to the Reservoir) but we found a fallen log in a shady spot and had fruit and granola bar snacks we had brought along. 

I didn't take one photo all day long! What was I thinking? Just enjoying the day, the company and the views, I guess. Besides, my cell phone had no signal, so I left it in the car most of the day. 

We got back to camp in time to clean up before we went down to the Long Valley Cafe for Friday night fish fry - all you can eat and it is delicious. 

On the way back to camp, we passed a clearing with about 25-30 elk having an evening graze and drink in a pond. There was nowhere to pull off so we didn't get a picture, but take my word for it; they were awesome! 

R&D dropped me off and we said our goodbyes for the summer. Hanna and I had a walk around the campground, and turned in for the night. 


  1. Will you not see R&D again? Stay cool!

  2. I do the same thing with picture taking. When I go someplace on my motorcycle I often leave my cell phone behind because I don't use it while riding. When I do I always find something I wish I could take a picture of. I'm remembering better now.

  3. Heather, I'm heading north and won't see them again until the end of the summer. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Do you know Jan James. She goes to Central. I think she and her husband eat at Long Valley Cafe when they are up there. Watch for her. ������

  5. I do know Jan very well. We have tried to connect when we are both up there but it has never worked out. I didn't have a cell signal the two days I was there so couldn't reach her by text to tell her I was driving past Happy Jack RV Park. Someday, we keep saying.