Sunday, August 28, 2016


When I left Colter Bay Campground, I drove south and took the turnoff toward Jenny Lake Visitor's Center. The entire area is under construction (for upgrades), but there is a good path down to the lake where you can get some good views or take a hike or a boat ride. Nearby fires obscured the view and I was glad Ken and Megan had been here several weeks earlier to get their great photos.
I browsed through the Visitor's Center and headed out to the parking lot. When I opened the door, Hanna didn't come meet me, which was very strange. I called her, and could hear some muffled scratching, but she still didn't come out. Upon my investigation, I found her completely stuck under the driver's seat. She was very glad to see me, but could not move. I tried for about ten minutes to get her out, but to no avail. I was starting to get a bit panicky, and decided I better see if someone could help me.

I found a ranger nearby and explained, through my tears, what had happened. He came right over and worked with me on turning, pushing and pulling, and moving the seat forward and back. Finally, we got her worked into a space where we could squeeze her through and she was in my arms, wiggling and licking. One happy puppy!!

I planned to stuff something under that seat so she couldn't get into such a predicament again, but didn't get to it for 24 hours. Yup, you guessed it. She did it again! The next afternoon as I was taking a nap, she crawled under there and got stuck again. This time, she was turned the opposite way, and I could see how she had made her way to the spot she was in, and I simply pulled her by the hind legs back out.  I immediately stuffed a blanket under there to prevent a third event.

(The above picture was taken on day two. I didn't stop to take her picture the first time, as I was frantically focused on getting her out. The second time, she had to wait while I got out the camera.)


  1. I thought from the title you were going to talk about stuck in the sand. Guess that one is coming up. It has to be nice that you can type and edit on your home computer now instead of your phone. Glad you didn't have to take the seat apart to get Hanna unstuck!

    1. It's MUCH easier to post from my home computer. Maybe I'll get completely caught up soon.