Thursday, August 4, 2016

Full Hookups, and a Car!

I spent a week in Eagle, relaxing and enjoying visiting with Robin and the kids. Ken was on a business trip all week, which was too bad, but he left his car and keys and said I could use it while he was gone. That was a wonderful perk, and gave me a lot more freedom.

I stayed in HiValley RV Park, and for the first time ever, I enjoyed full hookups - electric, water, sewer, cable tv and Wi-Fi. Plus a great little dog park! Wow, Hanna and I really felt like we were in the lap of luxury.

Boise was having a heat wave while I was there (naturally!) so it was great to be able to run my AC. It took me a couple days to figure out I had neglected to turn the water spigot on when I hooked the hose to my Minnie, but what did it matter if I drained my fresh tank first? I just refilled before I left!

Each of the kids went to church camp for half the week, but I had time with both of them and Robin; and Hanna and Lucy got acquainted. Lucy was abundantly anxious to make friends, but Hanna was having none of it. She was such a little pill, running away every time Lucy got close, or curling her lip to let her know where the boundary was. Poor Lucy! She just wanted to play.

I left Eagle on Wednesday morning, and pointed Minnie west toward Portland.


  1. Glad you had a great time with family in Eagle. I like the freedom Honda gives me when parked at a campground for a few days. Enjoy your time in Oregon. Remember you can't pump your own gas there.

  2. You mention how nice it was to be able to use Ken's car. I think one main drawback to RV travel is the difficulty of taking side trips. Dale has that under control with his motorcycle. I would think even a bicycle would be very helpful, maybe an electric bike. Segway?

  3. Typically, I'm not spending as much time in one location as Dale, so this is not as much of an issue for me. That said, I am giving thought to purchasing a scooter for more sight seeing freedom on future travels.

  4. Will you get a basket on your scooter for Hanna to ride in?

    1. I haven't thought that far ahead, Dale. I might, if she would not be too scared.