Thursday, August 11, 2016

Camping by the Deschutes River

I studied my AllStays app, looking for a campground near Burns, Oregon. My main objective was altitude... I wanted to be at least 4000-4500 ft, because I was far enough inland, I knew it could be warm.

I remembered RVSue had traveled through Oregon last year, and decided to take a look at her blog. Sure enough, I found a post about a lovely campground just north of Burns in the Mulheur Forest called Idlewild, so I headed there. There were plenty of empty spaces, but no cell phone signal. I picked a spot and set up for one night.

The next day I moved on toward Bend and made my way southwest into the Willamette Forest, to Big River Campground. I had been keeping an eye on my cell phone all the way and was excited to see a good signal in the campground. I knew I could settle in for three days and enjoy some walks along the Deschutes River, Kindle reads and lots of Netflix. And that's just what I did.

The first couple of evenings, I had some noisy neighbors, but fortunately they quieted down before 10:00 campground curfew.

On Sunday morning, I headed north to Champoeg (pronounced shampoo-ey) State Park, where I had a reservation for five days. I had plans to spend the week visiting and sight seeing with Alice.


  1. I also search other blogs to find good places to camp. Most of then have a different cell carrier than we do, and you can never tell if we have service or not.

  2. This was after Portland, Alice and Segway?

    1. This was before. I'm one post behind.