Saturday, July 8, 2017

Devil's Tower

I'm a little behind on my blog posts. We have been so busy and I've been so tired every evening, I haven't gotten around to it before falling into bed.

The day after our Yellowstone tour was a driving day. We traveled from the State Park just past Cody, WY over a steep pass from Ten Sleep to Buffalo. We crested a 9666' summit just before Minnie (and ME!) gave out. That was quite a haul, but she didn't complain, other than slowing down in several spots to around 35mph. But we still kept up with most of the big semi trucks and even passed a few. However, I will find another route home, because I don't want to put that much strain on the engine and brakes -- and that much gas into the tank - again. I am looking at a northern route that would mostly stick to interstates.

Anyway, that evening, we found a beautiful forest service campground just outside Sundance, WY. There were a couple pull through sites, but the back-in sites were much nicer, so I unhitched the Fit and we slid into a really nice space. The boys are getting quite adept at helping me level, set up and also break camp in the mornings. (I forgot to take a picture of this campground.)

According to the map, we were just 27 miles from Devil's Tower, which was on our list of places to see, so on Thursday morning, we headed that way with plans to circle on around to our RV park near Crazy Horse. It was quite impressive, and we took lots of pictures. We also parked the motor home, left the generator running with the AC (for Hanna) and took the 1.6 mile hike around the entire tower. It was a hot day (in the mid 90s), so we were pretty beat when we got done, but we saw all the angles of the tower, plus a climber up near the top. Unfortunately, he went into a crack before we got our cameras on and didn't come back out before we moved on up the trail.

photo by Steven

photo by Steven
That evening (Thursday), we arrived at our RV park just 1/4 mile from Crazy Horse. After studying glowing reviews online, I was pretty disappointed to find just a grassy bank to pull through, but we have full hookups, showers, laundry and it's filled with other families, so it's a decent place to home base while we journey to other sites in the area.


  1. That's one place I have never been. I'll have to get up there sometime.

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