Saturday, March 29, 2014

RV Show

I went to my first RV Show last weekend with my brothers and sister in law, who are long time full-timers. It was all the way out in Glendale at Cardinals' Stadium, but a beautiful spring Sunday in Arizona made it a nice day out, and we stopped for lunch on the way home.

I went with the hopes of seeing some small (~20') travel trailers like I've eyed on the internet, but never been inside of. There were a few examples, plus a lot of larger, beautiful beasts that make one drool. Mindful of my budget and ability to tow, set up, and maintain such a monstrosity on my own, I only went inside a couple that were larger than about 25 feet. Until we came to the fifth wheels.

One of my brothers, who has lots of experience with a variety of recreational vehicles, advised me to consider a fifth wheel instead of a travel trailer. He pointed out the benefit of towing ease and  longer floor plans. He said I could tow a 26-28' fifth wheel easier than a 20' travel trailer. Wow, did that throw a whole new spin my way.

I haven't made up my mind yet, but I am looking at some different options. The smallest fifth wheel trailer with a single slide out I've been able to find online is 26.5 feet (with the exception of Escapes or Scamps which don't have a shower stall). That's a little more trailer than I need, but if it would tow easily, the extra room might be nice. And the extra storage space would definitely be nice! They are more expensive than my original budget plan, so that's also a consideration, but I might be able to find an affordable used one.

My Walter Mitty dreaming continues, as does my web surfing.

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