Saturday, January 25, 2014

Which Trailer?

I have some specific ideas of what I'm looking for in a travel trailer, and a few requirements. When I first started thinking about buying an RV, I immediately decided I would buy a Casita Spirit 17' travel trailer. I especially liked the size and shape, but also the fact the I could leave the large dinette made into a bed and still have a little dinette during the day. But after spending hours (and hours!) looking at designs, I've found a few other floor plans that I think I like even better.

I'd like something that's around 20', with a small slideout. It's amazing how much roomier a trailer feels with just an extra foot on the side to move the couch out of the way. It opens up the living area quite a lot.

I want a bed that can stay a bed during the day. I want to make it up once, put some pretty throw pillows and blankets on it and not have to unmake it each morning before I can have my breakfast.

I'd rather have a couch with a little moveable table than a traditional dinette. I find dinettes uncomfortable, and I want something I can lounge on while reading or watching TV. I always eat my dinner in front of the TV at home, using a tray table pulled up to my easy chair, so this would suit me nicely.

A shower stall with a door or curtain in the bathroom, rather than the whole bathroom being the shower stall, is a must. I've heard some folks complain about the inconvenience of everything getting wet and having to wipe it all down after every shower. Many of them resort to taking sponge baths to avoid that hassle.

I don't want the bed right in front of the door. I'd rather have them on opposite ends of the trailer. And the TV (a NECESSITY for me) needs to be positioned where it can be seen easily from the galley, the couch and the bed.

With these features in mind, I have searched the web for travel trailer floor plans to find some that would fit the bill for me.

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