Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The longest I've ever stayed in one campground is four days. But that changed this week. I've been camped at French Creek Campground on Lake Cascade in Idaho for a week already and may be here another week before I move on. I'm hanging out in the path of totality waiting for the solar eclipse on the 21st of August.

When I arrived here last weekend, I found the best site in the campground, set up my camp and paid for three nights. I had plans to do some scouting around the nearby forest roads and see if I could find any good spots to disperse camp. What I discovered was the roads around here are in terrible shape and the dispersed camping that I could get my Minnie to is extremely limited. The only decent spots I've found are right off the county roads without much privacy or security. I've been out driving through the woods several times and not found anything better.

So I decided to stay in the campground until Dale gets here this week. We can check out the spots I found and decide if we want to move or just hang out in the campground the rest of the week. Daryl and Gisele are flying up this weekend to see the eclipse, and we want to stay fairly close to where they will be renting a condo. We plan to view the eclipse together on Monday morning.

Yesterday I drove down to see Robin and the kids (Ken is traveling this week) and also visit Walmart. Today, I'm staying close to camp. Tomorrow I'll go into Cascade and do a load of laundry. (I could have taken it to Robin's, but decided not to spend my visit babysitting the washer and dryer. Instead, I'll make an excursion into town out of my chore.)

The weather has been magnificent here, ranging from overnight lows in the 40s-50s and daytime highs in the 70s most days. The skies were really smoky last week from the Canadian fires, but light showers this past weekend washed the air quite a lot and the sky looks much bluer now. Hopefully we are on track for a clear day to watch the total eclipse.
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  1. It looks like the weather is going to be perfect for the eclipse. It has been nice to spend some time here with you while we wait for the big event. I'm glad I decided to plan a more direct journey south from Alaska to witness the eclipse with family members.