Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quartzsite, the Big Tent Sale, and a sad goodbye

I realized I never posted an update on my latest RV trip. A lot happened the last week of January / first of February, so it's not surprising I forgot.

On January 21st, I drove over to Quartzsite and into the LTVA area where Dale was camped. I bought a two week pass, with the intention of staying about nine or ten days there and then driving down to Yuma and spending a few days parked near Richard and Dianna in the LTVA out at Imperial Dam. My main focus was attending the Big Tent Sale at Q and then a visit to the dentist in Los Algodones for my annual check up. (I lost my dental insurance when I retired, so it's the Mexican dentists for me!)

The week turned out to be cold, rainy and very windy. It was so nasty, we sat inside our motor homes most of the time and listened to the wind howl outside. Richard and Dianna drove up a few days later to go to the tent sale with us. We wandered through the main exhibits, purchasing a few tidbits, and perused a few of the booths along Kuehn Road. It was a bit of a disappointment that there weren't more RV specific gadgets and deals, but it was enjoyable and now I can say I've been there and not waste my time going again. The next day, Dale and I drove up to Plomosa Rd to visit with Barbara (Me and My Dog) and Kim (Kimbopolo), two bloggers that I've been following for several years. We sat and chatted with them for a few hours, and made our way back to the LTVA. I got my things packed up with plans to head back to Mesa the next morning. Two things prompted this decision. One was the weather, which continued to be nasty and limited any outdoor activities. The other was Mom.

Our mother's health had been failing for several months, and we had recently put her on Hospice care. We thought she was doing fairly well, but it began to appear she was declining faster than we thought. I knew I had better head home and spend what little time she had left with her. Richard, Dianna and Dale agreed, and headed that direction shortly after. It was a good decision, because Mom passed away on February 3. I'm so glad we all got back to town in time for her to know we were there and visit with her a few days before she slipped away. She loved that we kids have the RVing spirit, and enjoy traveling and camping so much. It was Dad and her who inspired that in us. I know we are fulfilling her hopes and dreams for us by exploring this great big world and appreciating the wonders of nature as much as we do. Rest in peace, Mom. I'll keep you in my heart always.

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