Friday, March 25, 2016


I'm on a one week countdown now for my retirement date. April 1 is just around the corner. Many people have asked me if I will head out in my RV immediately following my last day. Here are my "plans", although I use that term loosely. I want to embrace retirement flexibility and not put too much in writing so I won't be held to any promises.

I'd like to take a couple of short camping trips up to the Rim and maybe to Roosevelt Lake in April. I have promised my two grandsons that I will take them on an overnight trip after I retire.

My daughter and granddaughter will be in town in early May for a Ballet conference and performance that I want to attend, so I will stick close to home until after that.

Then I hope to head north in late May or early June, for Idaho, Washington and Oregon. That's where I'd like to spend the summer months, in search of 70° locales. I'll be trying to find lots of boondocking locations in high country, and making many stops along the way as the whim hits me.

April 1st is drawing nigh. No April Fools!