Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kimbopolo and the Mobile Kodger create a poem

Kimbopolo, one of the RV bloggers I read on a regular basis, has collaborated on a poem with Randy at Mobile Kodgers. I found it so clever and inspirational, I wanted to share it with you.

Kim:    Well Randy--what did you do today?
Randy:  I blogged and blogged the day away.
            Writing my posts gives me reasons why
            I don't park my rig, lay down and die.
           What's your motive for writing your thing?
Kim:    Just the sheer joy that a blog can bring  
           I have this urge to write and write
           forever waiting for the muse to bite.

Randy: Well now you are a thing that's new;
           So today I think I'll blog about you.

Kim:   That might please your readers no end.
          As for the photos-- can you make me look thin?

          And I think I'll also blog about you.
          Tell me your goals and what you do?

Randy: I write poems and travel to the new.
           Now tell me your goals and what do you do.

Kim:   My needs are small, my goals are few:
          go round the bend---admire the view.

          You've been free for so long now,
          share with me the why, the how.

Randy:I had a good mind--never found where it fit;
          I'm a nobody---making-- the best of it.

          But you've climbed the heights of academe;
          can you find contentment in a drifter's dream?

Kim:  Contentment's mine on the open roads;
          "afoot lighthearted"---you know how that goes.

          Would you ever settle down;  cease to roam?
          maybe build a fence 'round an earthbound home?

Randy:I've made my gypsy bed---now I
          will mosey 'round until I die.

          Does moving, moving--on the whole
          polish your manner, your mind, your soul?

Kim:  All of the above, I guess
          since I pulled away from a life of stress.

          You think as we keep wandering this way
          we become more polished day by day?

Randy: Yes, -- like rocks tumbling downstream;
            the bump and bumble makes us glisten and gleam.

            Since those you meet are mostly strangers
            do you give much thought to risk and dangers?

Kim:    Stepping away from the TV news
           for good and forever changed my views.
           I find decent people wherever I go.
           Don't you also find this so?

Randy: Yes, I find goodwill---up and down;
            seems every new place is Mayberry town.

            But tell me how you choose where to go
            and what's the sweetest places you know?

Kim:    Trip planning is my favorite art---
            I open my map--then open my heart.

            What guides you in your nomad style?
            what experiences do you find worthwhile?

Randy:  By far the richest thing I do:
            engaging folks the likes of you.
Kim:     Well this has been great; I love to talk deep,
             but I have promises to keep.
Randy:  The pleasures' been mine--thanks a heap;
             I have miles to go before I sleep.

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