Monday, August 3, 2015

A new tv

When I bought my motor home, there was a TV lying on the loft bed, but was not mounted nor connected to the antenna cable. I asked the seller to mount it before I picked it up, but it was one thing they didn't do. I let it go, figuring I have plenty of brothers who I could sweet talk into doing that job for me.

When the warranty inspector went through everything, he said he couldn't include the TV without verifying it was in working order. Like I would even make a claim on a $250 TV when I have a $500 deductible!

Saturday, my handy helper Daryl, came over to mount the TV, but alas, it doesn't fit the mount, nor does it fit the space where it is supposed to go. Methinks the previous owner pulled a fast one, swapping the TV that was in it for this old, mismatched one.

So off to Walmart we went, and found a great buy on a 23.5" Vizio TV, and also a nice little Sony DVD player. Daryl got them both set up, connected together and to the antenna. Everything works great!

The TV is on a swing mount; the DVD player is in the cabinet to the right
Now I can drive up to the mountains, park in the woods and sit inside watching DVDs! :)

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