Friday, June 12, 2015

Getting the gate ready

The gate into my side/back yard was only ten feet wide, and was directly under the 20 inch overhang of the roof eave, so it was too narrow for getting my RV through. I had to have it widened to twelve feet. Here's a few before and after pictures.

Old gate
Widened the opening
New gate
These trees need to go

My landscaper is going to remove a couple small palm trees and grade and level a driveway through the yard, so I won't drag the rear end coming up the hill. That won't be until after I bring the coach home, so if I can't get it up through the yard, I will have to park it at my brother's house for a couple of days. Getting closer!

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  1. We were able to get the motor home up through the yard, but it did scrape the road just a bit, so the landscaper is going to take the hill down just a little more. And it fit through the gate! Whoo hoo!